About us

We are entering the global market
through domestic production.

Company Information

  • Representative Han Shin Cheol
  • Date of Establishment Mar. 08, 03. 2018
  • Business Purpose Upcycling of invasive, harmful and unbeneficial fish species (organic fertilizer, nutritional supplements, pet snacks, etc.)
  • Vision and Management Philosophy We research ways to recycle raw materials collected from the Invasive Fish Species Eradication Management Project implemented to protect biodiversity and conserve native fish. The processed raw materials can then be used in industries such as agriculture, livestock, and companion animal care, etc., in the form of a supplemental beneficial nutrient. Our product in effect will improve operational profit in related industries as they manufacture, produce and distribute high-quality consumer goods.

Agricultural Corporation Aminobath Co., Ltd. is an eco-friendly company that repurposes various invasive fish species that disrupts the ecosystem to produce nutrients for organic crops.”

Agricultural Corporation Aminobath Co., Ltd. is a company that aims for organic farming. We are an eco-friendly company that uses invasive fish species that are currently destroying Korea's aquatic ecosystem and disrupting the balance of the food cycle to produce organic crop nutrients. The resultant organic crop nutrient is directly linked to the increased production of more robust crop thereby increasing agricultural industry profit. We do not use or discharge pollutants or chemical substances throughout the stages of processing and production. We are researching ways to progress the efficiency of current organic farming practices, which is not yet satisfactory.

Many types of amino acid preparations on the market are basically processed by hydrochloric acid decomposition of blood, feathers, leather, horns, bones, and fish by-products from slaughterhouses to extract proteins that are then broken down into amino acids. Therefore, it is technically difficult to obtain effective high-grade amino acids. In order to make up for this shortcoming, Agricultural Corporation Aminobath Co., Ltd., began to produce and distribute high-quality, high-concentration liquid “Super Aminobath” to farmers. We use fish already rich in high-quality amino acids as it is, combined with specially developed ultra-high-concentration specialized microorganisms for proteolysis, with specific dissolved oxygen concentration with temperature control in a specialized state-of-the-art-facility. Its effectiveness has been verified as reported in the newspaper and broadcasting. Most agricultural products, such as vegetables, grains, fruit trees, and medicinal crops, etc., obtained satisfactory yield-increase effects, and the prevention and treatment effects of fungal diseases have also been verified.

It is the pride and joy of Aminobath Co., Ltd. to produce organic crop nutrients that are significantly effective. Our company stands behind this product and recommend all farmers to use it with confidence. Super Aminobath will significantly improve your soil quality, your crops will be healthier and will produce higher quality harvests which will increase your profit margin. Thank you.

Our company stands behind this product and recommend all farmers to use it with confidence.