About us

We are entering the global market
through domestic production.

CEO Greetings

This is Han Shin-cheol,
Chairman of Agricultural Corporation Aminobath Co., Ltd.

In this era when the importance of “good food”, the foundation of a healthy life is emphasized more than ever, we sincerely thank and support the farmers for their efforts to produce nutritious and high-quality agricultural products.

I also work to keep the aquatic ecosystem stable by eradicating invasive fish species. However, I thought it was such a waste of resources that we discard the fish collected in the process, so I searched for alternate ways to utilize them. After many trials, a high-quality “organic crop nutrient” was developed, which garnered popularity and eager reception by the farmers who used it.

Our product “Aminobath” is a wholesome product that uses invasive and destructive freshwater fish species with various useful microorganisms as its main ingredient; without the use of chemical additives. We are glad that we could prove the effectiveness of our product over the past few years and witness satisfaction by farmers who increased their harvests. Most of all, I am most happy that I created an essential fertilizer that assuredly leads to an increase in income for farmers in a wholesome way.

We earnestly wish that the yields of your hard work on farming will return a bountiful harvest. We will continue to further pursue our research efforts to create more high-quality, healthy, potent fertilizers.

We wish you a fulfilled life with health and happiness! Thank you.